Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goldmine Holiday for VU2SWG


Today 1/2 day off from MQTH - gave way to a goldmine on AO51

1st pass @ 1630IST E21EJC, ND9M/MM, HS3ANP. Heard VU2GSM and UP??WFF or EFF
2nd pass @ 1800IST VU2DPE, ND9M/MM,A71CV, VU2MUD, Heard VU2GUR calling ND9MM. Heard UP??WFF or EFF

Today I want to create a record with VO52 + SO50 tonite if time + HQTH QRL permits + outside WX

All QSO today made with Hand held Wouxun with standard rubber ducky single radio only.

73 & gud dx
Shankar VU2SWG

Copied from the email received from Shankar

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