Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Satellite Activity - 10th March, 10

Another eventful evening pass for the HAMSAT today @ 2148IST.

Was able to access the Bird as it was coming up at around 15 deg elevation.

Then it was only my signal until the satellite came up to about 40 deg elevation when VU2GUR came thorugh strong with a 59 Sig. Then on the doppler shift, I was able to hear VU2TQC OM Jayant from Mumbai with a 59 signal but am not sure if he heard my report - I could hear him call me and Guru - but not report.

Then for a short burst, I heard VU2ZUB - OM Subu from Bangalore.

In the "AFTER Satellite QSO" on the local repeater, it was reported that OM Daya - VU2DPE was able to copy VU2GUR, me and another stan with the call letters JE in the call sign giving me a call - unfortunately, I did not hear that station. Om Subu was able to hear Guru, but unable to hear me. And Guru was unable to hear VU2TQC and VU2ZUB. The vaguories of Satellite communication. !!!!!!!!

Unfortunately missed the SO-50 Pass at 2035 today - Guru was able to hear his voice on the downlink freq. but no QSOs

By the way, VU3VOC - OM Rajesh Nambiar from Ottapalam, Kerala is listening to the satellites using the "IOio" antenna (above)

More reports to come from him in the near future.

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  1. Thanks Madhu for pasting the picture of my ioio Antenna, would surely like to help anyone to build this simple and effective antenna. Have to work on the diplexor 73's Rajesh vu3voc / a92gk