Thursday, March 18, 2010

Satellite QSO Log VU2TQC 18/03/2010

Morning of 18th March 2010 started with working the Sat AO-51, the pass was at 6:46 hrs local time mumbai.

The maximum elevation was 28 degrees

Could receive the echo from 12deg while approaching and upto 9 deg while receding from 435.305 Mhz to 435.290 Mhz. Also copied VU2GUR for two three calls. But could not establish the QSO with him.

Had a Dx QSO from Uzbekistan at 18: 55 hrs Mumbai Local time on AO-51. The details are as given below

Date Sat Name Time(local) Call Sign QTH Rx Tx
18-03-2010 AO-51 17:55 UK8GDW UZBEKISTAN 5/9 5/9

The setup used for QSO

Antenna Rig
UHF Di-pole& 5/8 Yeasu FT 60R
VHF 5-8 ICOM 2200


  1. Great Show Jayant,

    That is something we in South India eagerly look forward to - Work some Middle Asian Stns.

    Keep it coming