Thursday, May 27, 2010

5 Years of HAMSAT - an interaction with ISRO.

On the occasssion of HAMSAT (VO-52) completing five years in orbit ISRO-ISTRAC had invited some members of AMSAT India and general Users of HAMSAT to attend the HAMSAT MMB (Mission Management Board) and user meet at ISTRAC , Bengaluru.

Senior officials from ISAC and ISTRAC addressed the gathering. Data was shared on the five years of operations of the HAMSAT and the data shows that the satellite is in good health and will provide many years of service to the Amateur radio community. We were also introduced to the people behind HAMSAT - and it was an eyeopener!!!! So many departments and divisions who have helped make HAMSAT and keeping tabs on its health.

The officials are very happy with the performance and usage of HAMSAT and are happy with the fond title HAMS have given HAMSAT - "THE DARLING OF AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS"

I had the opportunity to make a presentation on OSCAR's and HAMSAT usage. The presentation had information on what as OSCAR means to a HAM, what interested them to take up communiation through satellites, the equipment and station setup requirements, the limitations, shack and equipment phots, etc which was well received.

SWL Ganeshan from AMSAT India who is the designer of the HAMSAT II Xponder presented his design to the ISRO audience and also shared inititial information on his cubesat transponder which is under development.

VU2WMY, Mani of VU2URC presented future plans for payloads with Amateur Radio capability and the possible elevation slots and its effective coverage - which was interesting

We had a guided tour of the Tracking and command facilities at ISTRAC and understood how the Tracking,Telemetry and command is done for the satellites including HAMSAT. This was really impressive and the infrastructure truly world class.

We were well taken care of - fantastic lunch, snacks and hospitality.

I would like to thank ISRO- ISTRAC for this oppurtunity,hospitality and Upagraha Radio club (VU2URC) for their help.

Hams who attended the meet were - VU2UV, VU2POP, VU2RMS, VU2PCP, VU3STJ, VU2SWG, VU2GUR, VU2ABS, VU3TYG, VU3BJZ, VU2GZ, VU2DPE, VU2RVJ, VU2WMY, VU3PSZ and other HAMS working with ISRO.

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