Friday, February 26, 2010

Satellite Activity - 26th Feb, 10

There was a favourable HAMSAT (VO-52) pass of 57 deg elevation on the eastern side at 2108 IST today.  Was listening in on 145.900 MHz with the squelch open right from the Access of Satellite (AOS) time of 2108 IST.  I was giving CQ calls on 435.250MHz - the uplink central frequency but was unable to hear my signals on the downlink freq. As the satellite rose to about 13 deg elevation (I was parallely tracking the satellite using Orbitron satellite tracking software), I started hearing VU2GPS and a few seconds later VU2GUR.  I could hear Guru give a report to Partha who did not reply immediately.

As the satellite rose to about 22 Degs, signals from Guru and Partha increased to 59 - receiver quitening and both exchanged 59 reports.  I also was able to contact both of them with similar 59 reports and I was also able to hear myself on the downlink freq. very clearly as the satellite came to the peak elevation of about 57 Deg. 

Later on VU2GZ OM Hari, also put out a call a all three of us heard him and gave him a call.  But unfortunately Hari had not copied us. Probable reason - he was on a rubber ducky antenna from his rooftop !!!! But he made it through the satellite - that is for sure.

Additional information:
Guru was using his horizontal dipole for both VHF and UHF.
I was using a horizontal "Bazooka" for UHF and a Moxon Rectangle antenna for VHF
I am yet to get the Operating setup details of OM Partha VU2GPS

Looking forward to meeting more hams in the near future for two way QSOs.

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