Monday, February 22, 2010

Satellite Activity - VO-52 - 22nd Feb, 10

Immediately after posting the first writeup, it was time for the VO-52 pass @ 21.30 IST at a good elevation w.r.t. Bangalore @ 61 Deg.

Today we had OM Partha - VU2GPS from Chennai, VU2GZ - Hari, Bangalore, VU2GUR - Guru, Bangalore, and myself who were able to exchange reports.

Later on, as the satellite went northwards, VU2ZUB came in quite clear. OM Daya - VU2DPE was also able to hear the satellite downlink with his handy and rubberducky.

Gud Omen for the New Blog and the first Post.

We have a long way to go. :)


  1. Hi Madhu,
    A good beginning.
    Perhaps you can post a few pictures of the antennas used by existing sat operators. This can be helpful to expand sat usage in this region
    best 73's
    vu3voc / a92gk

  2. U have made things bit easy for layman like me. Keep up the good work dear friend. All the best. Good luck.....73

  3. Good work Madhu..

    This will be a Helping Hand to all who interested to work on Birds...

    All the best and will surely try to have a contact with you using birds in near future with the help of this blog..

  4. WOW, finally, someone I know to have worked the Oscars...would like to know more details...let them come on!!! Madhu, Good Job! VU2PCT

  5. Thank you all.

    I would also like to get some imputs on what it is that you would like to know more about.

    That way I will be able to make this more interactive. Otherwise it may become more of wwhatever I want to put in - which may or may not be of interest.

    keep those ideas coming. Either here or through direct email