Sunday, February 28, 2010

Satellite Activity - VO-52 - 28nd Feb, 10

The VO-52 Pass at 0930IST at 73Deg elevation wrt to Bangalore once again was a succesful one with lot of activity during almost the entire pass period of about 13 minutes. First signals that I heard was from VU3TYG  -Nitin from Bangalore at around 0931 almost immediately followed by VU2TQC - Jayant from Mumbai and they had a successful 2 way QSO.
Then came in VU2SWG Shankar from Bangalore followed by VU2GUR - Guru also from Bangalore.
I was able to have successful 2 Way QSO with VU2TQC (59/58) and VU2GUR (59/59).  Although I called Nitin and Shankar I was not able to hear any reply.  There was also one other station calling me but did not get the callsign
Another interesting aspect of the activity today, was that Guru was giving a Demo at the SJR Science College, Bangalore for the students from over 100 colleges participating in a Science Exhibition organised there.  Guru was operating from the rooftop of the college and was using a rubberducky initially before switching over to a HB9CV antenna.
Great Show Guru.

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