Friday, April 16, 2010

HO-68 Possible Passes with FM Activiation

HO -68 (XW-1) will be active on FM with the following sked (Peak Elevation w.r.t. Bangalore)

16.04.10 - 08:02  IST - Peak Elev 05 Deg
17.04.10 - 07:48  IST - Peak Elev 01 Deg
18.04.10 - 09:12  IST - Peak Elev 41 Deg

These passes are all on the Eastern side of VU-land.  Therefore, stations on the eastern side of Bangalore will have a better elevation angle.

The 18th April Pass seems to be very good as the footprint of the satellite is very wide.  There is possiblility of stations from south, south east and even Far East to come thorough.  Let us give it a GO.

as a reminder - the frequencies to us
TX on 145.825 - 67 Hz CTCSS tone
RX on 435.675 +/- doppler shift (scan on the lower side to begin with and go up as the satellite moves)

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