Monday, April 19, 2010

OSCAR QSO update for 18/04/2010

The sunday morning is generally reserved for my satellite QSOs. It was a good day to being with, there were three satellite passes starting from 9:06am (IST).

HO-68: copied E21EJC 5/6, however could not complete the QSO with the station.; self voice received through satellite.
SO-50: copied VU2SWG; self voice received through satellite.
VO-52: no stations copied but the self voice received through satellite

Curious day as despite of a 50+ degrees pass at Navi Mumbai, did not copy any VU stations.

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  1. Jayant
    It happens on Satellite Mode :).

    You hear the others - but they dont hear you. You hear yourself - but nobody else does. Others hear you, but you do not hear them. Others hear you, you hear them - but you dont hear yourself - Good QSO. You hear yourself, others hear you, you hear others - Excellent QSO.

    That is what makes QSOs through Satellites interesting.

    Let us enjoy