Thursday, April 8, 2010

WOUXUN - KG-UVD1P - Dual Band Handheld

There has been a lot of interest lately about the China Made - Dual Band handheld transceiver range from WOUXUN.

My personal experience with WOUXUN - KG-UVD1P - is 5 star. As already mentioned elsewhere, the rx sensitivity is really good. Of course the S- Meter is really generous - more of guess meter than a S meter - but as we hams always say - "your report is ___by the EAR" - not a problem at all.

The accompanying manual is the usual "Chinese English" - It takes a little time before you comprehend what exactly it means - but do we hams really use/need the Operating Manual ???????

The antenna connector is a little tricky - SMA Male is on the rig - you need a SMA female connector if you are connecting an external antenna - easily available in SP Road, Bangalore for around Rs. 350.

The speaker mic that is available as an accessory is really FB - excellent audio report - also compatible with Kenwood handies.

The other accessory - the ear phone mic - on similar lines with the mobile phone ear-set - is equally sensitive and has a good voice pickup range - listeners have not complained about the audio level even when I accidentally talk from behind the mic.

The Battery adapter design is the only drawback - the wire comes from under the pack - a stand has to be used or designed to take care of that.

Just a few comments - But I find it worth every Rupee spent on the rig - Am having a BALL using this for my Satellite QSOs. Those of you who decide on this equipment - WELCOME ABOARD


  1. hi
    can youtell me from where can i buy this set....

    Sharik Ashraf

  2. Dear Sharik

    You can contact VU2ABS at chennai @ They are scheduling bulk import of the same.

    You can also try on - you will find many links - although this is a little tricky if held by customs.

    You can contact me @

  3. Does this just work out of the box, or do you need some type of base station. Sorry, this would be a present and not familiar with ham radios

  4. Hi Madhu,

    Where can i get the WOUXUN - KG-UVD1P in Bangalore or nearby places? Is there any contact point? I an new to HAM Radio, although i have been doing some R and D on it from my high school days. Thanks to WPC got my license after 2.5 years.


  5. Dear Sam,

    Welcome On Board!!!!!! - compared to a few others that I know, 2.5 years is not BAD at ALL :)

    You can contact vu2abs @ gmail dot com (without the spaces and use the .) - He may have a spare from the bulk purchase.