Saturday, April 24, 2010

Satellite activity for 24th April, 10

Day time activity was affected by frequent power cut.

AO-51 is on a different Mode - VHF uplink and S-Band Downlink - until tomorrow.  It will be back on VHF/UHF mode from 26th Apr.

Tried the VO-52 at 2103 IST and was able to work VU3STJ - 59 and VU2DPE - 59. 

It was an interesting night.  This pass was immediately followed by the SO-50 pass along with the HO-68 (ofcourse no FM activiation)

This is the screen shopt for the Orbitron Satellite tracking software showing the Passes.

Should try HO-68 @ 0902IST on 25th April for the FM activiation.

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